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Water Plan 3

East Gippsland Water

Price increases kept to a minimum

East Gippsland Water bills for the average residential customer are being capped close to the rate of inflation over the five years to 2018, with an overall increase of 1.39 percent for the period.

This is detailed in the corporation’s business plan for 2013-18, also known as Water Plan 3, which has been approved by the water industry’s economic regulator, the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

Other highlights of Water Plan 3 include:

  • a new billing structure. This is in response to customer feedback and designed to give customers more control over their water bill, by increasing the emphasis placed on the water usage component of the bill and reducing the fixed charge component
  • the typical bill for non-residential customers will increase by 2.7 percent over the five year period, excluding inflation.
  • water and wastewater service charges for not-connected, vacant land have been reduced to half of the full services charge
  • East Gippsland Water will invest approximately $9 million a year on essential major capital projects in the five years to 2018. Work will include progress on a major upgrade to the Bairnsdale Wastewater Treatment Plant and upgrades to the Bairnsdale, Lakes Entrance and Omeo sewer systems. In addition new water supply infrastructure is proposed for Cann River, Bemm River and Orbost, an upgrade to the Mallacoota Water Treatment Plant, and the replacement of sections of ageing water pipeline and other assets across East Gippsland
  • around $17 million a year will be invested to maintain and operate water and sewerage infrastructure, ensuring services are kept to a high standard
  • East Gippsland Water has introduced Guaranteed Service Levels. This means that any customer receiving a significantly poor level of service in one of five key areas, will be compensated
  • Standard New Customer Contributions will decrease to zero by the end of the five year period. Charges for non-standard developments will be determined as appropriate.

For more information on Water Plan 3, please visit the ESC website.