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Assistance Program and Concessions

East Gippsland Water

All East Gippsland Water customers receive a bill four times a year and all charges  (tariffs) are approved by the Essential Services Commission (the water industry regulator).

Customers have 28 days from the date of issue to settle their account.

We understand that life can take unexpected turns, times of illness, loss of income or new arrivals in the family. Did you know we can help you pay your water bill?

Assistance is available to those customers experiencing difficulties making payments, with consideration given to personal circumstances. Alternative payment arrangements, including flexible payments, can be arranged on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with free, independent financial counselling.

Concessions are also available to the following customers:

  • those who own and occupy a residential property, or who are a residential tenant, and hold a Pensioner Concession Card, Gold Card (War Widow or TPI), or Centrelink Healthcare Card;
  • those using certain life support machines including intermittent peritoneal kidney dialysis and haemodialysis kidney machines.

For more information click here.

If you wish to pay by Centrelink’s Centrepay service, please call us or follow this link –

East Gippsland Water can provide information regarding concessions, our assistance program including our pay and save plan and the Utility Relief Grant Scheme. Please call us on 1800 671 841 or complete the below form and we will call you.

How this form works

The online forms can be completed anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The information will be sent to East Gippsland Water. A Customer Service representative will call you during business hours to verify your personal information, discuss our financial assistance program and how we can help you. Please be available on the phone number that you have provided.

If you are applying for financial assistance and to register for a concession please complete both forms.

Customer Financial Assistance Form

Your Name* (required)

Owner / Tenant* (required)

Date of Birth* (required)

Property Address* (required)

Postal Address* (required)

Account Number

Phone Number* (required) East Gippsland Water will contact you on this phone number

Your Email

Concession Registration Form

I hold an eligible concession card* (required) - Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold Card (excluding cards marked as dependent), Health Care Card issued by Department of Health and Human Services, Pensioner Concession Card issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The property address I am claiming the concession for is my primary place of residence.* (required)

The address on the "Property" section of my East Gippsland Water bill matches the address on my concession card.* (required)

My name is on the East Gippsland Water account.* (required)

East Gippsland Water Account Number

Your Name* (required)

Owner / Tenant* (required)

Date of Birth* (required). Note - please use a - between the day, month and year

Property Address* (required)

Postal Address* (required)

Phone Number* (required) East Gippsland Water will contact you on this phone number

Concession Card Type* (required)
Pension Concession Card (Centrelink Customer Reference Number)Health Care Card (Centrelink Customer Reference Number)Gold Card (Veterans Affairs File number)

Concession Card Number or Veterans Affairs File Number* (required)

Name on card* (required)

Card Start Date*. Note - please use a - between the day, month and year


I understand and acknowledge that:

• I am the owner of the concession card being registered with this application.
• The information provided in the application is true and correct.
• East Gippsland Water may refuse this application if it becomes evident that information or any supporting documentation provided is incomplete or false.
• This agreement will remain in place until:
- The property is sold;
- The concession card holder no longer resides at the property; or
-Centrelink, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs or the card holder advises East Gippsland Water that the concession is no longer valid.

I authorise:

• East Gippsland Water to use Centrelink Confirmation eServices to perform an enquiry of my Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs Customer details and concession card status in order to enable the business to determine if I qualify for a concession, rebate or service.
• the Australian Government Department of Human Services (the ‘department’) to provide the results of that enquiry to East Gippsland Water.

I understand that:

• the department will use information I have provided to East Gippsland Water to confirm my eligibility for a concession and will disclose to East Gippsland Water personal information including my name, address, payment and concession card type and status.
• this consent, once submitted, remains valid while I am a customer of East Gippsland Water unless I withdraw it by contacting East Gippsland Water or the department.
• I can obtain proof of my circumstances/details from the department and provide it to East Gippsland Water so that my eligibility for a concession can be determined.
• if I withdraw my consent or do not alternatively provide proof of my circumstances/details, I may not be eligible for the concession provided by East Gippsland Water.

I confirm that I have read and understood the above statements* (required)

I authorise East Gippsland Water to confirm the current status of my Commonwealth benefit and other details I provide in relation to my Commonwealth benefit with the Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.* (required)

Applicant's Full Name* (required)

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