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Coming soon – Our performance scorecard for 2018-19

Permanent Water Saving Rules apply. For more information click here

No increase to the average customer bill (except for inflation)

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District Water Levels

View all current water levels across our districts!

Water for Victoria

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24 hour service for water and wastewater emergencies, service difficulties and faults - Ph: 1300 134 202

Emergency and Planned Outages

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Native Vegetation and Habitat Creation Grants – Round 3

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We need your feedback

A random sample of 400 East Gippsland Water customers will be surveyed over the next six weeks for their honest feedback on water and sewerage services.

Seeking feedback on possible water restrictions

Seeking customer feedback on likely water restrictions as the region continues to experience extreme drought and prepares for another hot, dry summer ahead.

Environment grant applications invited

Still time to submit an application for Round 3 of our Native Vegetation and Habitat Creation Grants.

Keeping water bills down

No increase to the average customer bill over the next 12 months, and through to at least the end of June 2023, save for inflation.

Drainage pipeline works, Wy Yung

Work commences later this month to install some 400 metres of drainage pipeline at Wy Yung.

Free computers for a worthy cause

Calling local community and not-for-profit groups that would benefit from a free, used computer or printer.

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Contractor Health, Safety & Environment information.

Online Forms

A link to our most requested forms.

Your Bill

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Water Efficiency

Tips and advice on how to get the most from your water by using it efficiently.