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Omeo Trickle Filter Trial

East Gippsland Water

Omeo trickle filter trial Omeo trickle filter trial A trickle filter East Gippsland Water is trialling at its Omeo Water Treatment Plant is already showing positive results, helping to boost the quality of drinking water for local residents.

The trickle filter, which has been in use for around ten weeks, filters water sourced from nearby Butchers Creek. Passing through layers of rock, unwanted matter- including sediment and algae- is removed from the water, which is then held in an undercover storage, before being treated to drinking standard. Said East Gippsland Water’s Acting Managing Director, Rob Carlesso: “Water quality tests have so far been very positive, with the filter reducing the level of impurities by some 50 percent. In turn, this has improved the quality and taste of drinking water supplied to Omeo customers.”

Designed and built by East Gippsland Water staff, recycling equipment found ready to hand, the trickle filter is looking to be cost-effective and is showing promise in being able to reduce the quantities of expensive chemicals required for the water treatment process. The trial is due to finish this autumn, after which the results will be analysed and a decision made on installing a permanent, full-sized trickle filter at the water treatment plant.