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Board Meetings

The Board of East Gippsland Water meets on a monthly basis
Under the Code of Practice for Water Corporation Boards,  the agenda and minutes for its meetings will be published as soon as they become available.

Protocol is that Draft minutes are tabled after the board meeting and the Draft minutes are ratified at the next following board meeting. Care should be taken in interpreting the unresolved minutes until they are resolved and adopted as a true and accurate record at the proceeding meeting.

Minutes and Agendas

Unresolved Minutes (PDF Downloads)
Resolved Minutes (PDF Downloads)

April 2018 Minutes (74KB)

March 2018 Minutes (64KB)

February 2018 Minutes (66KB)

January 2018 – meeting held

December 2017 Minutes (73KB)

November 2017 Minutes (63KB)

October 2017 Minutes (67KB)

September 2017 Minutes (75KB)

August 2017 minutes (72KB)

July 2017 – no meeting held

June 2017 Minutes (90KB)

May 2017 Minutes (69KB)

Agendas (PDF Downloads)

May 2018 Agenda (89KB)

April 2018 Agenda (86KB)

March 2018 Agenda (88KB)

February 2018 Agenda (88KB)

January 2018 Agenda (80KB) – no meeting held

December 2017 Agenda (90KB)

November 2017 Agenda (88KB)

October 2017 Agenda (84KB)

September 2017 Agenda

August 2017 Agenda

July 2017 – no meeting held

June 2017 Agenda (86KB)