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National Water Week 2019

East Gippsland Water

Poster Competition Winners and Runners-up

National Water Week (21th -27th October) aims to raise awareness of water as our most precious resource.

The 2019 National Water Week theme “It’s time to change the world” was imaginatively displayed in the primary schools’ poster competition. The theme was developed from the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development, which is a campaign to introduce 17 sustainable development goals to young people all over the world and unite them to take action to meet the goals by 2030.

Congratulations to everyone who entered –  more than 150 posters were received.

The region’s winners and runners-up, who especially impressed the judges with their artistic posters, are:

Winning Posters:

Winner Prep - Dustin Hellisen

Winner Grade 1/ 2 - Tomas Hammond

Winner Grade 3/4 - Mya Hietkamp

Winner Grade 5/6 - Osbourne Borland

Runner Up Prep - Evelyn Antonopoulos

Runner Up Prep- Grace McAuliffe

Runner Up Grade 1/2 - Hannah Schaefer

Runner Up Grade 1/2- Skylah Connelly

Runner Up Grade 3/4 - Georgia Feather

Runner Up Grade 3/4 - Asha Milliken

Runner Up Grade 5/6- Amelia Hunter

Runner Up Grade 5/6 - Darcy Randel