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Water Recycling

East Gippsland Water

When it comes to recycling water, East Gippsland Water is one of the best performing water corporations in Victoria, achieving a reuse level of 95% from its wastewater treatment plants and often reaching 100%.

All figures for collected, produced and used are measured in Megalitres. One Megalitre (or one million litres) is roughly equivalent to one Olympic size swimming pool.

*The volume of recycled water produced was greater than the amount of wastewater collected due to a carry-over of recycled water held in storages from the previous year.

 Volume of wastewater reused per town/wastewater system – 2016-17

All the recycled water produced by the corporation is directed at beneficial reuse, with a focus on protecting the environment. It is used on East Gippsland Water’s own properties to irrigate pasture and tree plantations at Newmerella, Mallacoota, Metung, Paynesville, Bairnsdale and Bruces Track Farm near Swan Reach. Third parties to benefit include golf courses and Bairnsdale Racecourse, as well as farmers in Newmerella, Swan Reach, Paynesville, Omeo, Cann River and Kalimna West.

In addition, the recycled water is helping to protect the biodiversity of wetlands including the internationally significant Macleod Morass on the outskirts of Bairnsdale and the Tambo Bay Wetlands near Metung.