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Farmers Tap In!

East Gippsland Water
East Gippsland Water has been receiving a number of enquiries from local farmers, sports and community groups keen to connect to its recycled water supplies as an alternative water source.

Amongst those to benefit are Newmerella-based dairy farmers Neil and Veronica Joiner and the Tamcal Livestock beef farm in Swan Reach.

Said Neil: “We’ve been connected to this supply since March 2009. It has transformed 15 acres of previously unproductive, dry land that we couldn’t irrigate, into a valuable year-round source of highly nutritious pasture suitable for our young non-milking dairy stock. This feed is cheaper and of much higher quality than alternatives we’d have to buy in.”


Trent Howell, Farm Manager for the Tamcal Livestock farm, has also recorded great results: ” We had 53 acres of paddock that had never before been productive. Having an instant, guaranteed supply of water has given this a new lease of life and the paddock is now a very valuable source of feed for our cattle. We’re looking to expand our use of recycled water further.”

Both farming businesses are supplied with recycled water by underground  pipeline from East Gippsland Water’s nearby wastewater treatment plants.

Delighted by the benefits of recycled water are:  Newmerella-based dairy farmer Neil Joiner;  and,  Trent Howell, Farm Manager for the Tamcal Livestock farm in Swan Reach and Tamcal’s Matt Wilson.