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Recycled Water a Winner for Bairnsdale Racecourse

East Gippsland Water

Initially spurred on by a desire to save on track maintenance costs, Bairnsdale Racecourse discussed with East Gippsland Water the possibility of using recycled instead of drinking quality water.

After taking the plunge the course, which consumes around 33 million litres of water a year (roughly equivalent to 33 Olympic size swimming pools), is reaping the benefits.

Using recycled water from the nearby Bairnsdale Wastewater Treatment Plant has brought a dramatic saving in watering costs.


It means that many millions of litres of drinking water previously used each year have been retained within the drinking water supply –  a bonus especially during periods of drought  when conserving such water is a real priority.

Wastewater from the surrounding district is collected at East Gippsland Water’s Bairnsdale Wastewater Treatment Plant, where it is filtered and treated to convert it into high quality freshwater. This is suitable for reuse at the nearby Macleod Morass, as well as at the racecourse itself.


It also benefits other users of the racecourse site including the Bairnsdale Agricultural Society, Bairnsdale Pony Club, Cobblers Creek Pony Club, Riding for the Disabled and the East Gippsland Branch of the Australian Stock Horse Society.