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Controlled release of recycled water necessary downstream of Cann River township

East Gippsland Water

28 April 2022

East Gippsland Water will shortly commence a controlled release of recycled water (treated wastewater) from its wastewater treatment facility located in a remote area downstream of the Cann River township.

The on-site storage for recycled water has reached capacity following exceptional levels of rainfall recently and last year. This controlled release is necessary to prevent an uncontrolled overflow into the environment.

East Gippsland Water’s acting Executive Manager Service Delivery, Dale Yeates, said, “The water to be released has been treated to the same standard used for the irrigation of pasture. However, irrigation is not possible due to the ground being unseasonably wet for this time of the year. Just like the flooding evident on many private properties around the whole of East Gippsland, the irrigation area of our wastewater treatment facility serving Cann River township is also flooded and water must be released for safety reasons.”

“The volume currently held on the remote site will be slowly released in a controlled manner into the Cann River itself, where it will be further diluted. As is standard practice, we have notified relevant agencies and signage has been erected in the immediate area to advise that recycled water will be mixing with river water and that direct contact with this water should be avoided.”

“The quality and flow of the recycled water will be closely monitored to ensure no adverse environmental impact.”

For more information, please contact East Gippsland Water on 1800 671 841.