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East Gippsland Water

Sewerage and Water Connection Assistance Scheme

A one-off grant is available to eligible low-income households experiencing financial hardship, to assist with private plumbing costs for sewer and water connections.

To be eligible, applicants need to connect to East Gippsland Water and must be be able to demonstrate:

  • that they are the holders of an eligible concession card or on an equivalent low income;
  • are unable to pay for connection;
  • that other asistance schemes (for example the Home Renovation Service) have been explored and are not appropriate.

Please Contact East Gippsland Water for more information.

Water and Sewerage Rebate Scheme – not-for-profit organisations

A Victorian Government rebate of up to $260 per annum per property for service charges is available to not-for-profit organisations.

Such organisations include those operating for the purposes of education, religious worship, charity, outdoor sporting and recreational activities, hospitals/nursing care.

For more information, including an application form, please click below.