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East Gippsland Water

Standpipes dispense water for private and commercial water carters.

Water from these pipes is drinking water and a token is required to purchase the water. Tokens can be purchased from East Gippsland Water’s Head Office at 133 Macleod Street, Bairnsdale during business hours. The price for tokens is outlined below.

Please note: tokens are non-refundable and one token provides 1,000 litres of water.

Standpipe Locations

The standpipe locations in East Gippsland are:

  • 107 Rupert Street, Bairnsdale
  • 102 Golf Links Road, Lakes Entrance 
  • Princes Highway, Johnsonville 
  • Rosherville Road, Metung 
  • Livingstone Street, Orbost
  • Orbost Road, Buchan.
Using Carted Water
  • Drinking water taken from the standpipe is subject to the same water restrictions as the area where the water was drawn from.
  • The Department of Human Services’ Food Safety Unit has Guidelines for drinking (potable) water transport in Victoria.
  • It is a requirement under the Food Act 1984 that any commercial or private business carting water for human consumption, or a purpose connected with human consumption, must register with their local council.
Standpipe Tips
General Standpipe Tips

  • The standpipe hose may not always reach your tank. It’s a good idea to bring along some pipe that you can use to guide the water into your tank.
  • Your trailer may not be able to carry a full tank of water (1000 litres). If you have a 1,000 litre cube, but your trailer has a maximum load capacity of 750kg, you should only fill the tank to 750 litres. Overloading your trailer is an offence and you may attract the attention of police.

Tips for Token users

  • Make sure the hose is connected to your container / trailer before inserting the token, as water will begin to flow shortly after initiation of the process.

If there are any issues with the standpipe, or your would like further information, please contact our Customer Service Team 1800 671 841 during business hours.

Click on the heading above to view the Standpipe FAQs.

If you need to access a standpipe and are unable to purchase a token, please contact one of the water carters in East Gippsland as they have access to standpipes at anytime.
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