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Trade Waste

East Gippsland Water

What is Trade Waste?

Trade waste is any liquid waste (and substance contained in it) generated by any industry, business, trade or manufacturing process, other than domestic waste, acceptable for discharge to sewer. This waste may need to be treated before it is discharged to protect East Gippsland Water’s sewer systems.

A full definition of trade waste, is included in East Gippsland Water’s trade waste agreement.  For more information, please refer to our trade waste FAQ’s leaflet below.

Categories of Trade Waste

Minor Trade Waste Agreements

These cover the majority of agreements that East Gippsland Water enters into, and usually deals with standard types of trade waste, such as greasy waste generated by food preparation premises.

Major Trade Waste Agreements

These cover businesses generating large volumes of different types of trade waste.

Major Trade Waste Agreements are usually more complex than Minor Trade Waste Agreements and may involve a different level of charges.

Deemed Trade Waste

 Deemed customers are non-residential customers who discharge low volumes of low strength wastewater and are considered too small to require an agreement.

A deemed customer does not need to pay trade waste charges or hold a site-specific trade waste agreement.

These customers must advise East Gippsland Water of any changes to their waste discharge.

Please refer to East Gippsland Water’s Letter of Consent to Discharge for deemed trade waste customers below.

If in doubt, please call East Gippsland Water on 1800 671 841 to discuss.