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Urban Water Strategy

East Gippsland Water

East Gippsland Water’s Urban Water Strategy has a vital role to play in determining how the corporation addresses long-term water security issues.

It provides a detailed, long-term forecast of water demands for communities across the region, along with supply options to meet these demands. The Urban Water Strategy comprises individual strategies for the Mitchell River water supply system and the supply systems of Mallacoota, Omeo, Swifts Creek, Cann River, Buchan, Dinner Plain, Orbost and Bemm River. Consideration has been given to latest projections on climate change and population growth.

The Urban Water Strategy has also been important to determining the direction of the corporation’s 2018-2023 Price Submission (Business Plan).

In addition it incorporates East Gippsland Water’s Drought Preparedness Plan.

The plans are available below. (Please note they are large file sizes and we do not recommend opening them via smaller mobile devices).

Water Security Outlook

This is updated each year and forecasts the short-term likelihood of water restrictions for each of East Gippsland Water’s water supply systems, together with any priority actions for each of those systems, where appropriate. This is updated as conditions change.

There are no water restrictions currently forecast for the summer season in any of East Gippsland Water’s supply systems.

Urban Water Strategy

Drought Preparedness Plan