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Water - Planning for the Future

East Gippsland Water

Annual Water Outlook

This is updated each year and forecasts the short-term likelihood of water restrictions for each of East Gippsland Water’s water supply systems, together with any priority actions for each of those systems, where appropriate.

Integrated Water Management

Integrated water management is a collaborative approach to water planning and management that brings together organisations with an interest in all aspects of the water cycle.

East Gippsland Water is partnering with local organisations and agencies to actively progress integrated water management across the region.

For more information on Integrated Water Management visit the Integrated Water Management webpage.

Urban Water Strategy

Our Urban Water Strategy, and the process that supports it, is vital in determining how we address long-term water security issues.

It provides a detailed, long-term forecast of water demands for communities across the region, along with supply options to meet these demands. The Urban Water Strategy comprises individual strategies for the Mitchell River water supply system and the supply systems of Mallacoota, Omeo, Swifts Creek, Cann River, Buchan, Dinner Plain, Orbost and Bemm River. The technical work to support the strategy considers the latest projections on climate change and population growth. This time the Urban Water Strategy also considers wastewater system capacities to identify where there may be opportunities to explore Integrated Water Management opportunities in our region.

The 2022 Urban Water Strategy (also incorporating our Drought Preparedness Plan) has an important part to play in determining the direction of our 2023-2028 price submission. The key outcome of the 2022 Urban Water Strategy is the recommendation to construct a third water off-stream water storage at our Woodglen Water Treatment Plant site to provide water security to customers in Bairnsdale (Wy Yung), Paynesville, Eagle Point and Lakes Entrance, and cater to population growth in our region.

Long-term Water Security

East Gippsland Water has an ongoing program of initiatives to help ensure the long-term protection of all customers’ drinking water supplies against climate change and extreme weather events. This also takes into account forecasts for population growth.

In recent years there have been notable water storage upgrades benefiting customers in the Bairnsdale (Wy Yung), Paynesville, Eagle Point, Lakes Entrance  and Mallacoota areas. Major new water storages and a water treatment plant have come online at Woodglen, benefiting some 24,000 people along the Mitchell River system, and an additional water storage basin has been constructed at Omeo.