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Eagle Point Water Storage Tanks

East Gippsland Water

Ensuring all customers have secure, high quality drinking water supplies for the long term future is a top priority for East Gippsland Water, particularly given the challenges presented by climate change and population growth.


With this in mind, the corporation spent $2.7 million on a major project during 2008 and 2009 to replace the ageing open water storage basin at Eagle Point – serving more than 3,700 customers in the Paynesville, Eagle Point, Raymond Island and Newlands Arm areas.

The basin was replaced by two large, covered water storage tanks to safeguard stored water supplies from bacterial, algal and airborne contamination. The project was also designed to address variable water quality, in addition to reducing water lost through evaporation and water leakage.

The tanks, each capable of storing up to six million litres of water (equivalent to approximately six Olympic size swimming pools), were located within the walls of the open basin. This has helped preserve the local landscape.