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Customer satisfaction surveys underway

East Gippsland Water

Gippslanders are being asked to give feedback about their local water corporation this month.

The region’s four water corporations – Westernport Water, South Gippsland Water, Gippsland Water and East Gippsland Water – are working together on the telephone survey, seeking customer feedback on overall satisfaction, current services as well as ideas on planning for the future.

“Gathering feedback is really important for us both in terms of measuring where we are now and also assessing what customers want from us in the future,” said spoke person for the survey, Mr Paul Clark of Gippsland Water.

“By working together, Gippsland’s water corporations are not only saving money, we’re also able to compare our results, which can be really useful.”

The telephone survey will commence on Wednesday 11 October and continue for two weeks.

The survey company, Insync, will clearly identify themselves at the start of the call and will not engage in any sales pitch.

“This is all about gathering information from customers and not selling any product or service. If customers receive calls from people offering to sell water filters or any other water device, that is not our survey,” added Mr Clark.

The calls will take around 10 minutes with the customer being asked around 20 questions about service, prices and their expectations.