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Land Development and Subdivision

East Gippsland Water

To assist with land development and subdivision activities, the following documents and forms are available.

Land Development Manual

Land Development Manual (PDF Download 284KB)

This manual contains information about East Gippsland Water’s procedures, and the contributions and fees that apply for water and sewerage services for land development projects. The manual is currently under review with the new version to be released in the coming months.

The procedures in this manual refer to standard development projects and apply generally to the majority of development proposals referred to East Gippsland Water. For each particular development, East Gippsland Water will determine the requirements for that development on a case by case basis.

This manual has been written as general advice for all engineering consultants, contractors, surveyors, developers, landowners, local councils and East Gippsland Water personnel involved with water and wastewater services for the land development industry in East Gippsland.

Technical Standards

East Gippsland Water has a range of Technical Bulletins (TB) which specify to developers East Gippsland Water’s requirements in relation to some technical topics. Simply click on the links below:

TB1 Maintenance Holes (PDF Download 59KB)

TB2 Fire Hydrant Standard (PDF Download 437KB)

TB3 Marker Posts (PDF Download 506KB)

TB4 Dead Ends (PDF Download 257KB)

TB5 Marking Tape (PDF Download 54KB)

TB6 Maintenance Shafts (PDF Download 178KB)

Standard Electrical and Controls Specification (PDF Download 1MB)

Standard Technical Specification for Water Main Construction (PDF Download 1MB)

Sewer Pump Station SPS Standard Electrical Drawings (PDF Download 798KB)

Standard Detail Drawings for Water Main Construction. (PDF Download 1MB)

For information relating to how these Technical Bulletins are developed see SOP159 – Technical-Bulletins-2016

For information relating to Contractor Health, Safety and Environment processes, click here.


East Gippsland Water has a range of Policies that are referenced in the Land Development Manual. The main Policies are outlined below (the Policy documents are available via the links provided):

Policy 025 Customer Connections (PDF Download 106KB)

Policy 045 East Gippsland Water Customer Charter (PDF Download 216KB)

Policy 051 Trade Waste Management (PDF Download 521KB)

Standard Operating Procedures

East Gippsland Water also has a range of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)  that are referenced in the Land Development Manual.  The main SOPs are outlined below (the Policy documents are available via the links provided):

SOP 038 Planned Shutdowns (PDF Download 220KB)

SOP 068 Non Locatable Sewer Connections (PDF Download 242KB)

SOP125 Structures over East Gippsland Water Works (PDF Download 89KB)

SOP 132 Third Party Works (PDF Download 202KB)

SOP139 Supply of Design Data for GIS Data Entry (PDF Download 87KB)

SOP166 Third Party Impacts on East Gippsland Water Works (PDF Download 97KB)

SOP167 New Customer Contribution Procedures (PDF Download 115KB)