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East Gippsland Water

A shade cloth cover 120 metres long and 80 metres wide has been installed over the second of Mallacoota’s two drinking water storages to ensure the local community has secure, high quality drinking water supplies well into the future.

The cover is designed to improve water quality in the 41 megalitre raw water storage by greatly reducing the risk of soil, algal or airborne contamination. It also cuts evaporation by some 90%.

Using shade cloth follows two years of pioneering research involving East Gippsland Water and CSIRO, which demonstrated the effectiveness of the material when installed over open storage basins. Several sites across the region were covered, including Mallacoota’s other water storage, which holds treated drinking water.


At Mallacoota water is drawn from the Betka River and ground water bores, and pumped into the raw water storage. From here it is gravity-fed to the Mallacoota Water Treatment Plant, where it is treated before being supplied to customers.

The latest cover completes a comprehensive program of water measures implemented for the town, with East Gippsland Water also having invested in additional groundwater bores to boost local water provision.