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National Water Week 2022

East Gippsland Water

Every year in the third week of October, National Water Week makes a splash across Australia inspiring individuals, schools and communities to work together to build awareness around our most precious resource.

Access to clean water is immensely important to our daily lives and it’s down to all of us to protect our water environments and resources, and to use water wisely.

This year’s National Water Week theme was developed from the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development. This a call for action targeted at all countries and young people across the world, to unite to achieve 17 sustainable development goals by 2030. You can find out more about the Global Goals here.

The theme this year is…

Our water stories!

This year, East Gippsland Water partnered with Southern Rural Water for the National Water Week primary school poster competition.

Students from Buchan, Bairnsdale, Metung, Swan Reach, and Newmerella Primary Schools are the East Gippsland regional winners in this year’s National Water Week poster competition, with one student placing first at the state level and another a runner-up.

William Hodge from Buchan Primary School topped the Additional Needs category in East Gippsland and took out the top prize in the category for Victoria. His colourful poster illustrates the issues Buchan’s water supply has faced over the past few years.

Grace Strecker from Bairnsdale Primary School took first place in the Grade 5/6 category in our regional competition and finished runner-up at the state competition. The beautifully illustrated poster expresses saving water to save the environment.

To view all the State winner and runners-up, click here! 

Congratulations to everyone who entered! To view the regional winning posters, check out the galleries below.


The East Gippsland regional winners who impressed the judges with their vibrant posters were:

Elly Austin (Prep – Newmerella Primary School); Ava Voigt (Grade1/2 Swan Reach Primary School); Grace Hutchins ( Grade 3/4 Metung Primary); Grace Strecker (Grade 5/6 Bairnsdale Primary School) and William Hodge (Additional Needs, Buchan Primary School).


The East Gippsland regional runners-up who impressed the judges with their vibrant posters were:

Skye Rojas (Prep – Orbost Primary School), Charlotte Durston ( Prep – Newmerella Primary School) Kaiabelle Hare (Grade 1/2-Metung Primary School), Noah Bowen (Grade 1/2 – Buchan Primary School), Piper Crawley  (Grade 3/4 – Metung Primary School), Stella Kuick, (Grade 3/4 -St Mary’s Primary School), Laura Jeanes (Grade 5/6 – Bairnsdale Primary School), Jacquè Renaut (Grade 5/6 – Cann River P-12 College), Jayden Bristow (Additional Needs – Bairnsdale Primary School), Theo Mills (Additional Needs – Swan Reach Primary School).