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Backyard activities for kids

East Gippsland Water

Typically, around 40% of household water is used outdoors, though for some households this figure may be much higher. Exploring how water flows and interacts with your backyard can help change your water usage.

Spending time in your backyard can be an enjoyable pastime- but it can also be a great educational excursion! Exploring the ecosystem that is your backyard, can give kids and adults a easy interaction with nature.

Overall, creating and exploring the backyard is good for mental, physical health and to inspire budding eco-scientists. To help you, we have created and collected a few exciting educational backyard activities for kids of all ages!

Ever wondered how much it rains in your backyard? With this easy to make recyclable rain gauge you can quickly find out!

Can’t find your watering can? Follow along as Kris up-cycles an old milk bottle into a new watering can! 

I-spy is a great game for everyone – anywhere at anytime! Next time you are out and about, can you spot something beginning with every letter of the alphabet? With this printable worksheet you can write or draw what you spot! Happy hunting.

Looking for an easy science experiment? This printable float or sink activity will help explore buoyancy and density with objects from around the house! A great outside activity for all ages.

Become your very own leak detective! Can you seek out the leak in your yard? Spot the signs that there may be a leak and track it with your meter. Download our leak checklist to become your house’s lead leak detective.

The easiest way to find out what is in your backyard is a scavenger hunt! We have two printable versions available: a scavenger hunt and a colour treasure hunt! Click the links to download the sheets to start exploring!