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OMEO: *Lifted* Do not drink tap water

East Gippsland Water

Issued: Thursday, 16 January 2020

East Gippsland Water, after consultation with the Department of Health and Human Services, advises that the Do Not Drink Tap Water Advisory Notice issued on Saturday 4 January 2020 for Omeo is now lifted.

As a precaution, East Gippsland Water requests that customers connected to mains water, run the drinking water taps in their house for 2 minutes to flush their internal pipes.

Water quality monitoring confirms that the water is safe to drink and use from the tap as normal after internal flushing.

The Omeo Water Treatment Plant has returned to normal operations and can now meet day to day requirements. Our supply systems are designed for typical household use, not major bushfire events.

Please restrict water usage to essential use to conserve supplies.

East Gippsland Water will continue to monitor water quality at the water treatment plant

Steve McKenzie

Managing Director

East Gippsland Water