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Omeo and outdoors right mix for Gini

East Gippsland Water

An outdoor lifestyle in the high country is the right mix for Gini Eynstone, Operations and Maintenance trainee at East Gippsland Water in Omeo.

Gini made the move from Bairnsdale earlier this year and works from East Gippsland Water’s Omeo depot. She has an affinity with remote East Gippsland, spending her younger years in “ghost town” Cassilis.

Gini had earlier completed a Diploma in Conservation Management, so knew she eventually wanted to work out in the elements.

“Living and working in town, I made the decision to move back to the country where I spent a lot of my childhood,” she said.

“My background is retail management, but I’ve always wanted to work outside, and I love it up

Gini explains that working in a remote area, you become a jack-of-all-trades, which she enjoys.

“We have a team of four in the Omeo depot and because it’s such a small team, I get to do
everything from water treatment to network services,” she said.

“I get to learn everything, so there is lots of variety which I love. They are a great little team to
work with.”

Gini also loves the landscape of remote East Gippsland and admits the high-country winters
create unique work challenges.

“Working in Dinner Plain and Omeo, you get to work in the snow in winter, which people say must be great and it is – until you have to do it! The problem with working in the snow is that things freeze constantly!

“Water meters freeze and then things explode…at times it’s very challenging.”

The towns of Omeo and Dinner Plain are also close to Gini’s heart, where she values being part of the community.

“Being in such a small town, the community gets to know you, which is great,” she said.

“Everyone knows who you are and that you work for East Gippsland Water and they are so friendly.

“But it’s a really fun, exciting job. I’m really enjoying it.”

Gini Eynstone loading up an East Gippsland Water vehicle.

Gini Eynstone in the thick of it, repairing a water leak.