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Have your say on East Gippsland Water's future

Price Submission 2023-2028

Help shape East Gippsland Water services

East Gippsland Water provides water and sewerage services to towns across East Gippsland. We are owned by the State Government and every five years we have to develop a long-term plan (the Price Submission) that determines how much money we invest in various activities. This money is charged to you, our customers.

Many activities simply have to be done, such as those that ensure your water is safe to drink. However, we need your feedback to decide which other activities we should be doing.

This means you can help determine our priority activities for the years 2023-28 and the level of charges to you over that period.

We have embarked on a comprehensive program of community engagement that takes a closer look at the services we deliver.

Our focus is on customer needs, priorities and preferences, which will help drive how East Gippsland Water develops into the future to serve customers and the wider community better.

Thanks for your feedback

Thank you to everyone who participated in our initial engagement recently, taking a closer look at the services we deliver – whether it was completing our questionnaire, attending one of our focus group sessions, or through a personal interview.

This has been a vital first step in helping to shape the future direction of our business to meet your needs and priorities. We have been keen to find out what you think of our services and your suggestions on what could be done better, or differently, going forward.

Once all the feedback has been analysed, we will publicise the key findings and opportunities for more detailed community engagement using our website, Our On Tap newsletter to all customers, our Facebook page and local media – including our monthly In the Flow page in the Bairnsdale Advertiser.

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