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Shaping the future of your East Gippsland Water services

Price Submission 2023-2028


East Gippsland Water is a Victorian Government-owned corporation that provides water and sewerage services to towns across East Gippsland. We serve around 35,000 people.

Every five years we – like other water corporations in Victoria – are required by the Essential Services Commission (the water industry regulator) to submit the findings of a comprehensive review of our business and a detailed plan of how we will operate going forward over a given number of years. This includes how much money we will charge to customers, and is known as our Price Submission.

The Price Submission looks at the range, level and price of our services, including the level of investment required for our day-to-day operations, and needs to give due consideration to customer preferences, needs and priorities,

Therefore, a key feature of the Price Submission process is undertaking comprehensive engagement with our customers, stakeholders and the wider community – reflecting the diversity of those living in our region as much as possible.

We undertook this process for our current price submission, which covers the period 2018-23 and have commenced the process again for our Price Submission 2023-28.

Our Price Submission 2023-28 Engagement Journey

Note: the structure of each round is subject to alteration, to take into account changing requirements with engagement

Round 1 – Explore

Now completed, strong findings to come out of this round included:

  • Your concerns about the impact of future droughts, bushfires and more people living in the region – highlighting the importance of making sure there is enough water to meet future community needs;
  • Ensuring the affordability of East Gippsland Water services;
  • Many of you would like to see more activity from East Gippsland Water in relation to environmental sustainability;
  • That there is a need for us to invest in increasing the community’s understanding of water issues in our region.

For more on what you’ve told us, click here. 


Round 2 – Test and recommend

This is where we double-check the strong findings from Round 1 and offer the opportunity for you to help decide what action should be taken by East Gippsland Water in relation to these going forward.

To kick-start this round a random sample of 400 customers were contacted over the phone for our annual customer satisfaction survey at the tail-end of 2021 and encouraged to provide honest feedback on our services.

How you can still get involved

  • Put up your hand for our special forum (Deliberative Forum) and be paid for your time – Submit an expression of interest now to participate in the forum (comprising 30-40 people). This will help determine what action should be taken by East Gippsland Water on some key issues. We encourage people from all walks of life to apply. You don’t need forum experience or prior knowledge about water or wastewater. All we ask you to bring is your enthusiasm to represent the diversity of our community. For more, including to register your interest in the Deliberative Forum, click here.

The communities we serve

East Gippsland Water serves around 35,000 people. our service area extends east from Lindenow, through to the region’s capital Bairnsdale, the holiday centres of Paynesville and Lakes Entrance, and on to the wilderness coast and Mallacoota near the New South Wales border. We also serve as far north as Dinner Plain in the High Country of the Victorian Alps.

We are responsible for nine separate water supply systems that serve the communities of Bairnsdale, Bemm River, Bruthen, Buchan, Cann River, Dinner Plain, Eagle Point, Johnsonville, Lakes Entrance, Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust, Lake Tyers Beach, Lindenow, Lindenow South, Mallacoota, Marlo, Metung, Newlands Arm, Newmerella, Nicholson, Nowa, Omeo, Orbost, Paynesville, Raymond Island, Sarsfield, Swan Reach and Swifts Creek.

Eleven individual wastewater systems serve Bairnsdale, Bemm River, Bruthen, Cann River, Dinner Plain, Eagle Point, Johnsonville, Lakes Entrance, Lake Tyers Beach, Lindenow, Mallacoota, Marlo, Metung, Newlands Arm, Nicholson, Omeo, Orbost, Paynesville, Raymond Island and Swan Reach.

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