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Replacement of Bairnsdale Main Street pipeline complete

East Gippsland Water

East Gippsland Water’s replacement of 500m of 112 year old water pipeline along Main Street in Bairnsdale’s CBD is now complete.

The new section of pipeline, installed between the intersections with Pyke Street and Bailey Street, will help maintain the reliability and efficiency of the local water supply network well into the future.

East Gippsland Water’s Managing Director, Bruce Hammond, said, “The centre of Bairnsdale is a busy thoroughfare and we have been keen to ensure, as much as possible, that any inconvenience has been kept to a minimum during the replacement work. A key driver for us has been the need to confine the work to one of the quieter periods of the year for traffic, and finish before this year’s Christmas rush, which has been achieved.

“We are very grateful to local businesses, shoppers and motorists for their cooperation and patience during the five months this much needed project has been underway.”

This initiative is part of a $12 million program of investment in capital projects that the water corporation is committed to for the current financial year across the East Gippsland region.