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Seeking customer feedback on future priorities for East Gippsland Water

East Gippsland Water

East Gippsland Water is keen to hear from customers before it makes a final decision on areas of its business identified by the community as priorities for investment.

Since mid-2016 more than 1,400 customers have helped identify some specific areas for the water corporation to focus on as part of its 2018-2023 business plan, known as the Price Submission. These areas are environmental sustainability, liveability, service levels and assisting customers in genuine financial need. They have also indicated how much they would be willing to pay through their water bills for East Gippsland Water to invest in these areas.

In addition, the Price Submission will detail all the water corporation’s other activities to be funded over the next five years and the overall price to be charged to customers. This will take into account external costs affecting the business, and which are outside its control, such as rising energy prices.

East Gippsland Water’s Executive Manager Business, Rob Carlesso, said, “the feedback from the community has been reviewed by the corporation’s independent Customer Committee, which has made recommendations based on the customers’ responses. We are now keen to receive the community’s confirmation of these recommendations before making a final decision on the specific areas covered.

“Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Price Submission process so far, including all the neighbourhood and community houses that have been helping us with this important community engagement process.”

The recommendations, together with details of how to provide feedback, can be viewed online via East Gippsland Water’s Facebook page or by going direct to the Price Submission section of the website Alternatively, a leaflet outlining the recommendations and submission process is available from East Gippsland Water’s office, at 133 Macleod Street and from neighbourhood and community houses across East Gippsland.

The deadline for feedback to be received by East Gippsland Water is 30 June 2017.