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Shane the Siltslayer

East Gippsland Water

Shane the Siltslayer is a short story written to introduce the many specialised machines East Gippsland Water uses to keep our water safe to drink.

Listen below to the tale Shane the Siltslayer as he travels to the bush to help his friends clean the drinking water in a rural town after a bushfire threatens their water supply. With the help of Shane’s friends, they push away the mud to reveal clean drinking water.



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Finished the story, but want to learn more about how Siltslayers work to clean and clarify our drinking water? Check out the activities below:

Meet the real Shane and his friends at our treatment plant in Orbost. The Siltslayers and our treatment teams worked tirelessly to make sure that there was clean, safe drinking water during the 2019/2020 summer bushfires. 

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