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Sip-tember 2016

East Gippsland Water

Gippsland’s four regional water corporations, along with GippSport and the four Gippsland Primary Care Partnerships (PCP) will extend their collaborative relationships to promote healthy drinking habits throughout September – they’re calling it Sip-tember!

“Tap water is good for your health, environmentally friendly and cheap so we’re delighted to announce this collaborative effort to promote the benefits of drinking tap water,” said spokesperson for the Gippsland Water Corporations Paul Clark, from Gippsland Water.

“As the springtime begins, we thought it was a good time to encourage people to choose tap water; people are always surprised at how much more active they feel when they’re well hydrated,” added David Roberts, Program Manager with GippSport.

“It’s a much cheaper option than buying sugary drinks and the health benefits are enormous. It’s great that we’re able to form such collaborative partnerships with all four of Gippsland’s Water Corporations and all four PCPs to address the consumption of sugary and sweetened drinks.” added David.

The statistics are alarming with 16.4% of Gippsland adults consuming sugar sweetened soft drinks on a daily basis.

“The Sip-tember campaign, with the backing of all Gippsland’s water businesses will help to raise awareness and change behaviours in the consumption of sugary drinks across Gippsland” added Megan Barnes Health Promotion Officer from Wellington Primary Care Partnership.

Building on from last year’s ‘Choose Tap for October’ campaign, the “Sip-tember” campaign  encourages people to drink more water, preferably from the tap, as it’s cheap, healthy and readily available.