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Stormwater infiltration testing

East Gippsland Water

East Gippsland Water is about to commence checks on some 300 properties connected to the sewer network in Bairnsdale, to identify problem points where stormwater is getting into the network and having a serious adverse impact on its operation.
Stormwater and sewer systems have to be kept completely separate to ensure that each works efficiently. Where stormwater is able to enter the sewer system, this adds to and mixes with the sewage flowing to the wastewater treatment plant, leading to significant additional pumping, treatment and energy consumption costs. It also increases the likelihood of pipe blockages and sewer overflows during heavy rain events, with stormwater entering sewers in greater volumes than the mains and pumps are designed to cope with.
Between Monday 11 April and 10 June, staff will be visiting properties within an area of north Bairnsdale bordered by Williams Parade, Scott Street, Drevermann Street, Day Street and Wallace Street, to inspect sewerage and drainage infrastructure. This may
include manhole covers, storm drains, roof vents and building foundations.
They will door knock each property in advance before undertaking the external inspection and will be carrying appropriate identification.
Said East Gippsland Water’s Managing Director, Bruce Hammond: “This latest program of inspections is part of an ongoing initiative to make sure that the sewer network operates efficiently and that the stormwater system works as it should do.
“Each inspection should take approximately 15 minutes and every effort will be made to keep any inconvenience to a minimum.”
Letters advising of the work have been sent to all households affected.