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Tourists urged to use water wisely over Easter

East Gippsland Water

16 April 2019

East Gippsland Water is asking visitors to the region for the busy Easter holidays to please ensure they use water efficiently during their stay.

Recent rain events and a steady reduction in water use have brought a welcome improvement in the water supply situation for customers across the region. While this is promising there is no room for complacency and the water corporation is already planning for another potentially dry summer.

East Gippsland Water’s Managing Director, Steve McKenzie, said, “The latest very dry situation reminds us that we are facing an increasingly unpredictable climate and water outlook.

“We are heading into a traditionally busy time for the region with Easter, which is very important for the local economy. It also puts an extra strain on water supplies. We want visitors to have a great time and ask that they also follow some simple water saving tips. In this way any impact on water supplies can be kept to a minimum.”

The water saving tips to follow are:

  • Watch that shower –Don’t linger longer than necessary. Limit showers to the time it takes to soap up and rinse off
  • Turn off the tap – Don’t leave taps running while washing, shaving or cleaning your teeth
  • Flush the boat motor (with a hose) – Only use the minimum amount of water required.

While there are no compulsory water restrictions in force in East Gippsland, they may be required from time to time in the future to carry us through lengthy dry periods. Permanent Water Saving Rules do apply as a minimum for all customers to follow. This means not using a sprinkler system to water the garden, unless it’s between 6pm and 10am, and then only if you need to. It also means not washing down hard surfaces such as driveways, paths or decking, unless absolutely necessary.

In addition, customers are encouraged to visit East Gippsland Water’s website for updates on the water situation and information about the “Target Your Water Use water efficiency program – to assist with using water efficiently in the home and garden. Alternatively call the Customer Business Team on 1800 671 841.