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Update on upgrades to Wy Yung water storage facility

East Gippsland Water

East Gippsland Water is about to commence a two year program of upgrades to its Wy Yung water storage facility that supplies water to some 24,000 people from the Bairnsdale area through to Nowa Nowa.

Starting this month, the program initially involves the installation of two green, 8m x 8m water storage tanks – one on the eastern and one on the western side of the covered water storage basin – to supplement the basin’s supply.

At the same time some pipework will be upgraded to increase the flexibility of the water supply system. This will enable the storage basin to be bypassed at any time in the future if necessary – for example to carry out maintenance work – minimising inconvenience to customers.

This work is expected to be completed by the end of the year. While it will require the use of heavy construction machinery and vehicles on the site, every effort will be made to minimise any inconvenience to nearby residents and to motorists using Bullumwaal Rd.

East Gippsland Water’s Managing Director, Bruce Hammond, said, “We would like to thank neighbouring residents for their patience and cooperation. Overall, we are looking at a two year program of upgrades for the Wy Yung facility, encompassing a number of initiatives.

“The aim is to maintain the long term reliability of our Mitchell River Water Supply System, with the opportunity also being taken to address a leak in the covered water storage liner at Wy Yung.”

East Gippsland Water will continue to liaise closely with those living right next to the site and who may be directly affected by the program of upgrades.