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Wastewater Tariffs Explained

East Gippsland Water

The wastewater tariff is a fixed tariff that reflects the cost of making sewerage services available to your property.

It is calculated at a fixed dollar rate per day and is based on the amount of wastewater discharged by the average domestic household in East Gippsland. This is referred to as the “charge per equivalent tenement” (EQT), with one EQT calculated to be equivalent to 177 kilolitres of wastewater discharged by a single household.

East Gippsland Water charges commercial properties a wastewater tariff based on the load that they place on the wastewater system relative to a single domestic household (EQT). Essentially, if a commercial property discharges wastewater up to the magnitude of one domestic house (one EQT), that business would be charged the same as one domestic house. If the business produces twice the wastewater volume of a domestic house then that business would be charged two EQTs