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Water calls Abby from recreation to profession

East Gippsland Water

19 December 2022

Abby Matthews has always felt at home in the great outdoors, growing up on the water at Newlands Arm.

The keen wakeboarder and water sports enthusiast has now taken her hobby and is creating a career for herself, beginning a traineeship at East Gippsland Water.

Working at the Woodglen Water Treatment Plant is a considerable change of pace from Abby’s former role in packing at Patties Foods.

“I wanted to get out and about and do something useful…to use my brain,” she said.

“Being in the outdoors is great.”

Abby loves the structure of the role and also the variety of work the water industry provides.

She also enjoys arguably the best views of East Gippsland as her office every day.

“It’s pretty beautiful out here (at Woodglen), and everyone I work with out there is great,” she said.

“Everyone is really friendly and willing to help.

“I don’t feel like I can’t ask questions…everyone’s really easy to talk to and get information from.

“I’m learning all the time.”

Just a couple of months in to her traineeship, Abby isn’t sure where her eventual qualification will lead. She would be quite happy to stay at East Gippsland Water and the community she knows, or spread her wings a little further.

Time and opportunity will dictate Abby’s next move.

“I’d like to be able to finish my traineeship and stay with East Gippsland Water in another role…I’d like to be able to stay in this community.

“Or maybe I could move somewhere else…maybe the city but I’d also love the beach.”