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Water education for local Orbost students

East Gippsland Water

Students from Orbost Community College were recently given a tour of East Gippsland Water’s
Orbost water treatment facilities as part of the school’s ‘Advance Program’ in getting to know
local industry.

Fourteen students from Year 8 were introduced to the water storage facilities and water
treatment plant as part of their talk and tour with Orbost Operations and Maintenance staff
Stephen and Eloise.

They explained how the organisation provides safe drinking water and manages wastewater
from Buchan through to Orbost and Bemm River for East Gippsland Water customers.

The students were shown the water storage areas, the different stages of filtration related to
the water treatment process and how water is delivered to customers through a mix of gravity
mains and pump stations. They were also shown the control room, where water flow and
chemical levels are monitored, how water quality sampling and testing is completed on a
weekly basis and the control panel, which can also be operated remotely to check and monitor
the performance of the Water Treatment Plant 24/7.

East Gippsland Water’s Executive Manager Customers, Community and Communications David
Radford said that it is important for young people to learn about the local water industry and
what career opportunities might be available to them locally.

“We offer talks and tours of our facilities to local schools as it is important for schools and
students to learn about the operational side of the water industry and how safe drinking water
is provided and wastewater is treated and recycled for our customers.

“Hopefully, the students from Orbost Community College went away more informed and maybe
we will see some of these students working for East Gippsland Water in the future.”

If any other schools are interested in touring East Gippsland Water’s facilities or would like
someone to provide a talk on all things water, email with your


Image shows Orbost Community College students with Operations and Maintenance team members Stephen and Eloise