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Water main replacement - Bailey St, Bairnsdale

East Gippsland Water

2 March, 2021

Onsite work is scheduled to get underway next week (commencing Tuesday 9 March) to replace and relocate a 100m section of ageing water main in Bailey Street, Bairnsdale – between Main Street and Macleod Street.

This East Gippsland Water project is necessary to address an ongoing issue with tree root intrusion into the current main, which has caused a number of local water main leaks, bursts and supply interruptions.

A new section of water main will be installed away from tree roots to ensure a reliable, efficient water supply for nearby customers well into the future. This work is being undertaken in collaboration with East Gippsland Shire Council and is expected to take approximately four to six weeks to complete.

Every effort will be made to minimise any inconvenience during the course of the project and those customers directly affected have been notified. Traffic management measures may be required, along with temporary restrictions to parking in the section of Bailey Street between Main Street and Macleod Street. Access will be maintained to adjacent properties throughout the works.

East Gippsland Water would like to thank anyone impacted for their patience and cooperation.

For any queries about the project, call 5150 4444.