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A message from Steve McKenzie, Managing Director

East Gippsland Water
A message from Steve McKenzie, Managing Director, East Gippsland Water

“A big thank-you to everyone in East Gippsland for your support and patience during this period of unprecedented climate and bushfire extremes.

“Demand on the water and sewerage systems has been exceptionally high, but overall our staff have managed to maintain service to the vast majority of customers.

“For well over a week staff have been pulling out all the stops to maintain and restore normal water supplies to communities across East Gippsland impacted by bushfires, as well as preparing for further bushfire threats.

“Some key infrastructure has been damaged and it’s still proving difficult to get access to some sites to carry out checks and repairs, and to refuel generators. A top priority is also to safeguard the safety of our staff.

“We are preparing for an ongoing cycle of heavy water demand due to forecast increases in temperatures and bushfire activity.

“Our supply systems are only designed to deal with day-to-day water use and not major bushfire events, so further bushfire activity may again result in fluctuations in water pressure and water quality. At all times you can be assured that we will be working hard to maintain and restore supply to normal.

“The support from customers at this challenging time has been incredible and we thank you for your cooperation. You can continue to assist us by restricting water usage to essential use only, to help us conserve precious water supplies and minimise disruptions.”