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Service/Mains Locations

East Gippsland Water

Service / Mains Locations

If you are planning to undertake any type of excavation activity, it is important to be aware of possible hazards and/or valuable assets within your proposed work site.

Prior to any excavation activity commencing East Gippsland Water advises that you make contact with our staff to obtain details of our service/mains locations. Staff will be able to provide plans (the fee for this service is $10 per plan per property) and/or other information to assist you. Please use this form to contact us.


Other services/mains (eg. telephone, gas)

Dial Before You Dig is a community service that provides information about underground pipes and cables Australia-wide.

It refers your inquiry to Australia’s communications, electricity, gas and water providers. Within a few days you will receive plans of all relevant underground services.


Dial Before you Dig

Call: 1100

If you are still unsure and require further information, on-site verification of the assets can be provided, or East Gippsland Water can be contacted directly on 1800 671 841.