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East Gippsland Water
EGW Service Region

East Gippsland Water provides wastewater services to around 21,600 customers, with eleven seperate wastewater systems and 680 km of sewer mains serving the communities of –

Bairnsdale, Bemm River, Bruthen, Cann River, Dinner Plain, Eagle Point, Johnsonville, Lakes Entrance, Lake Tyers Beach, Lindenow, Mallacoota, Marlo, Metung, Newlands Arm, Nicholson, Omeo, Orbost, Paynesville, Raymond Island and Swan Reach.

East Gippsland Water is one of the best performing water corporations in Victoria when it comes to recycling water, achieving a reuse level of 99% from its wastewater treatment plants and often reaching 100%.

All the recycled water produced by the corporation is directed at beneficial reuse, with a focus on protecting the environment. As well as being used on East Gippsland Water’s own properties to irrigate pasture and tree plantations, it is used by third parties such as farmers and sporting facilities. It also benefits wetlands including the internationally significant Macleod Morass near Bairnsdale.




The planned release from the Paynesville wastewater treatment site has now ceased.  This is because the winter storage has been emptied to a suitable level with environmental conditions now suitable for irrigation to resume on our reuse sites.

We will continue to monitor Forge Creek and Newlands Arm for the next four weeks.

19 October 2016

Planned release of treated wastewater following recent rain

As a result of excessive rain over recent months East Gippsland Water is now having to carry out a planned release of fully treated water from its Paynesville wastewater treatment site into a nearby creek.

The rain has hampered the corporation’s ability to irrigate with treated water from the site. Consequently, the holding lagoons have now reached their capacity, which means over the coming weeks we need to release some of the treated water into nearby Forge Creek to prevent the lagoons overflowing.

The quality of the fully treated water discharged is being closely monitored.

The Environment Protection Authority and other relevant stakeholders have been notified of the release.