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Helping you conserve water this summer

East Gippsland Water

22 December 2022

While we have experienced a wetter winter and spring than usual, water conservation is now a part of everyday life, with permanent water-saving rules applying all year round.

The good news is that East Gippsland Water can help residents save water and follow the water-saving rules.

The minimum requirements that everyone connected to mains water must follow include:

  • Hand-held hoses can be used at any time to wash a car and water lawns and gardens, but MUST always be fitted with a trigger nozzle;
  • Manual and automatic watering systems can be used between 6pm and 10 am daily on residential and commercial gardens. They may be used between 8pm and 10am daily on public gardens and sports grounds;
  • Paved areas must not be hosed, except for health and safety reasons.

To assist its customers to save water, East Gippsland Water has various items available for collection free of charge from its Bairnsdale office.

East Gippsland Water Executive Manager Customer, Community and Communications, David Radford, said simple changes could make a big difference to water consumption.

“It’s amazing how much water customers can save each quarter simply by making small changes around the house,” he said.

“We have trigger nozzles available free of charge from our Bairnsdale office to assist you to save water in the garden.

“To save water in the bathroom, simply bring in your old shower head and we will exchange it for a water-saving shower-head.

“We also have a range of other items such as shower timers, non-leak plugs, and flow-restricting tap attachments.”

More detailed information can be found on East Gippsland Water’s website or give us a call on 1300 720 700.


Some of the products East Gippsland Water has available to assist residents to save water.