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Removing water restrictions for Mitchell River and Buchan customers

East Gippsland Water

24 June, 2020

East Gippsland Water will cease Stage 1 water restrictions for all customers supplied from the Mitchell River and customers in Buchan, from 1am on Wednesday, 1 July.

The move has been made possible thanks to improved rainfall and river flows over recent months, which has filled water storages. It also owes much to the water conservation efforts of customers.

East Gippsland Water’s Managing Director, Steve McKenzie, said, “We welcome the increased rainfall and river flows compared to the same time last year, which is a promising sign for next summer, and greatly appreciate our customers’ ongoing efforts to save water where they can.

“What recent years, and the past 12 months in particular, have highlighted, is the increasing volatility of our climate. We have already commenced planning for increased water storage in the Mitchell system to build extra resilience to climate variability.

“Removing water restrictions brings Mitchell and Buchan customers into line with the rest of our customers across the region, with everyone now on common-sense Permanent Water Saving Rules. These apply every day of the year as a minimum to follow.”

Key water saving measures under the Permanent Water Saving Rules include:

  • watering your lawns or garden with a leak-free hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle at any time, or using a watering system only between 6pm and 10am
  • using a broom or a blower to clean hard surfaces
  • using a bucket, or leak-free hose fitted with a trigger nozzle to wash cars.

Communities supplied from the Mitchell River include; the Bairnsdale area, Walpa, Lindenow South, Lindenow, Eagle Point, Newlands Arm, Paynesville, Raymond Island, Sarsfield, Bruthen, Nicholson, Johnsonville, Swan Reach, Metung, Kalimna, Lakes Entrance, Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust, Lake Tyers Beach and Nowa Nowa.

For more on Permanent Water Saving Rules and tips on how to save water you can visit the East Gippsland Water website In addition, anyone with a query can contact the Customer Business Team on 1800 671 841 during office hours.