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Sinkhole repairs underway at Woodglen water storage basin

East Gippsland Water

15 March 2024

Works are underway to repair a number of sinkholes that have appeared at a water storage basin at East Gippsland Water’s Woodglen Water Treatment facility.

Sinkholes in water storage basins can be caused by the displacement of materials (sand, clay gravel, etc) beneath the surface of the embankment. This is usually caused by rain and runoff penetrating the surface layers, the displaced materials then cause the surface to collapse and create a sinkhole

East Gippsland Water Executive Manager Sustainability and Infrastructure, Neville Pearce, said: “Around 100 sinkholes have been detected at the Woodglen No.2 water storage basin and repairs are necessary because if left untreated they have the potential to cause safety concerns in the future.

“The project is costing around $500k and the works involve digging down approximately 1 to 1.5 metres to expose the existing sand chimney filter. This will then be raised to the full height of the basin, new sand material placed in the filter trench and mechanically compacted to a density that will protect the embankment to improve the safety of the basin.

“These works are a great example of East Gippsland Water maintaining our assets to ensure high-quality drinking water is provided to our customers.”

McInnes Earthmoving from Heyfield recently commenced the works which should be complete by the end of April 2024.


Image shows McInnes Earthmoving undertaking works on the sinkhole repairs at East Gippsland Water’s Woodglen Water Treatment facility.