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Water situation update

East Gippsland Water

East Gippsland Water has maintained and restored water and wastewater services to the vast majority of customers impacted by recent bushfire events.  We also have been able to replenish our water storages following recent rainfall and cooler temperatures, in preparation for the ongoing bushfire threat this summer.

East Gippsland Water’s Managing Director, Steve McKenzie, said, “The support from customers at this challenging time has been fantastic and they can continue to help us by restricting water usage to essential use only, to conserve precious water supplies.”

As previously advised Stage 2 water restrictions apply from the 13th of January for customers supplied from the Mitchell River supply system and those reliant on the Buchan River.  In the event of bush fire threat, water restrictions are automatically waived to ensure unhindered ability to protect life and property.

“However, please remember that our supply systems are not designed to deal with bushfire events and high customer demand may result in low water pressure, interrupted supply and water quality issues.

“We also recognise that the bush fires have severely impacted some individuals and communities including the loss of homes, loss of income earning capacity and the economic disruption to businesses reliant on tourism.  The issuing of bills, which was due to commence this week, has therefore been delayed until February due to the impact of bushfires and customers whose home or business has been damaged by the fires, should contact the Customer Business Team on 1800 671 841 so that their accounts can be reassessed.”

For more information please visit the East Gippsland Water website or call 1800 671 841.